Welcome! 👋

My name is Sydney Hoeper and I've got a passion for designing digital tools that enhance the lives of those who use them. 

After graduating from the University of Minnesota in 2017 for physical product design, I took a two-month solo road trip to figure out where I wanted to live, and I ended up in Bend, Oregon. While job hunting I stumbled into an opportunity to test out the digital product design space, and I never looked back. I learned UX and UI design by translating the physical product design process to the digital space, and through project-based learning.


Now, four years later, I am the sole product designer across two product teams at Active911. I create new, unique products and features, and iterate existing ones, to enable emergency first responders to arrive on the scene with all the information they need to make quick decisions.

Apart from design I am most passionate about spending time outside. My favorite outdoor activities are skiing, motorcycling, camping, and river surfing. I also enjoy art projects and meditation.

Sydney P Hoeper Dirtbike.JPG

What makes me a great designer to work with, you ask? Well... I am:

🧠   A quick learner through research and experimentation

🌈   Easy to work with because of my enthusiastic and eccentric personality

✨   Receptive to design feedback and criticism from anyone at all stages of the process

❤️   Focused on creating a joyful experience for the person actually using the product

🎨   Skilled at every touchpoint of the product lifecycle, from market research to typography